Sewage Backup Removal in Calgary, AB

Severe weather and floods normally come to mind when most Calgary residents think of emergencies. But many emergencies can strike within your own house. If your home or company in Calgary, AB forms sewer problems, neglecting it can foster disease and disaster. Even if the liquid spilling out is clean, standing water attracts different types of pathogens. Rather than putting your health at risk, call Paul Davis to handle it.

Dangers of Sewer Water

The gross factor isn't the sole reason to steer clear of sewage. Large and small overflows can bring gray and black water into your home or even feed pathogens into your drinking water. Even drinkable water can bring pathogens in standing water. Raw sewage, for example can contain Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis and other harmful diseases. Black water comes from beyond the toilet trap and often carries or has come in contact with solid refuse. Typically black water has remained stagnant for a long enough time to encourage the growth of pathogens. Lake and river water may also be contaminated by black water. Talk to the Paul Davis specialists now if you see a black water spill on your property.

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Talk to Paul today if you see a sewer leak. Our specialists are highly knowledgeable in neutralizing hazardous chemicals. We serve the Calgary, AB area with fast emergency response for sewage, flooding and mold removal. The longer you hesitate to treat water or sewer damage, the worse the hazard will become. Talk to us today!

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