Restore your Films & Records with Paul Davis Calgary

Properties across Calgary are vulnerable to disasters like floods and fires. Under these circumstances, archives may be ignored in the search for restoration services. Some of these things can be replaced, but documents and photos like birth certificates or business documents are priceless. Paul Davis Restoration has helped residences and businesses throughout the Calgary area save their valuable documents and photos. Our team has extensive experience with paper recovery technology. Call us for more information.

How We Can Help

Our specialists are highly qualified in document restoration, placing us as a leader in disaster restoration for commercial and home recovery throughout the Calgary area. From our recovery center armed with effective technology, we will salvage your documents and photos in the days after a disaster. Some of the items we save include:
  • Books, Magazines, Screenplays
  • Library Materials Compact Discs, Diskettes, Laser Discs, Magnetic Media
  • Audio and Video Tapes
  • Blueprints, Drawings, Maps, Plans
  • X-rays
  • Film, Negatives, Photographs, Slides

How We Treat Photos and Documents

Paul Davis Restoration knows that different treatments work best for different kinds of damage. For photos that have been soaked, we methods such as desiccant drying and thermal vacuum-freeze dryers created to salvage books, documents and paper materials. These methods typically complete the job almost completely. For fire-damaged photos or documents, Paul Davis initiates neutralization solutions like particulate removal sponges and ionized air washing. In addition, we will correct layout and framing problems for art. Photos that have been harmed in their frames will receive re-matting and re-framing services from Paul Davis Restoration. Our other services include, re-jacketing books, document copying and imaging and de-acidification.

Call Paul for Document and Photo Recovery

Your documents and photos are important to you. If disaster hits, it can be hard to decide what should stay and what should go. Paul Davis Calgary will organize, clean and salvage your archives and pictures so you can return to normal life. Learn more about document and photo restoration and Paul Davis services through phone or email.

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