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Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Abatement and Removal from Paul Davis Calgary


Asbestos is a fibrous material that was commonly used in building installation practices up until the early 1990s. Unfortunately, it was learned that asbestos can cause serious health risks when its fibres are released into the air. While it is now outlawed to use asbestos-containing materials in construction within Alberta, there are still a number of homes, businesses, and other properties containing asbestos in Calgary and across the province. Proper asbestos abatement in Calgary has become a growing concern for the health and safety of property owners across the city.

At Paul Davis, we are dedicated to helping home and business owners identify and eradicate asbestos from their property, which is why we offer the most comprehensive asbestos removal in Calgary. Not only will we test your home or business for asbestos, we will have it removed swiftly and efficiently to restore your property to their highest standards of health and safety. Here is some more information about the Calgary asbestos testing and abatement services available from Paul Davis:


Why is it important to remove asbestos?

It’s important to have it removed because asbestos can cause health problems such as lung inflammation and scarring, respiratory issues, and lung cancer. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your residential, commercial, or industrial property is free of this hazardous material. At Paul Davis, we offer the most comprehensive residential asbestos removal in Calgary. We also offer asbestos testing for Calgary businesses and commercial spaces, as well as swift and efficient removal services so you can ensure the health and safety of your business with minimal disruption.


Risk factors

Risk factors that influence the severity of an illness linked to asbestos depends on:

  • The length of time a person was exposed to asbestos
  • The amount of asbestos a person was exposed to
  • The presence of other lung conditions (for instance, cigarette smokers have a higher risk of developing an asbestos-related illness)

Asbestos becomes a health issue as soon as an asbestos-containing material is disturbed, causing spores to be launched into the air. Disruption can be caused by the rumbling of appliances, your ventilation system, or simple human movement. That’s why a professional inspection is recommended. At Paul Davis, we ensure that the hazardous area is safely enclosed before beginning our inspection so no asbestos spores are launched into the air. For the most well protected and accurate asbestos inspection in Calgary, trust the trained and certified professionals at Paul Davis.


What to do if you find asbestos

If you notice any of these medical symptoms and become curious about asbestos, the first thing to do is to have your home tested by a professional. Any further exposure through direct contact or through contact in the air will worsen symptoms and put you and members of your household in more danger. It’s best not to look for the asbestos yourself and let a professional secure the area and facilitate a safe and detailed removal.

At Paul Davis, once we finish our inspection we develop an action plan to eliminate all asbestos and restore contaminated areas as efficiently and thoroughly as possible so you can get on with your normal life.


What Paul Davis can do for you

At Paul Davis Calgary, we actively work to remove asbestos from drywall, flooring, baseboards, ceiling tiles or any other areas where it can be found within your property. We also offer the best pricing when it comes to asbestos removal / abatement services in Calgary.

By following the strictest health and safety guidelines through our removal process, we ensure that you and your family are safe from the effects of asbestos. We also make sure to facilitate the removal process in a way that is non-disruptive to you. By working with your schedule and needs, Paul Davis Calgary will safely remove this dangerous material to make your home safe, secure and asbestos-free. It’s this dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction that has made us one of the top Calgary asbestos removal companies.

If you’re looking for friendly, efficient asbestos abatement services in Calgary, get in touch with us today.